Applying to Liberal Arts Programm – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Applying to Liberal Arts Programm" is an exceptional example of an educational application essay. I have come to the decision to apply to your institute after much deliberation and serious thought. The reason I have opted for a graduate degree in Liberal Arts is that the degree will not force me to follow a set career path. Not only will I have the freedom to opt from different career choices, but I will also have a broader understanding and knowledge of multiple disciplines. As a mother of a 2-year-old, I have discovered the joy of working with kids.

That is why, even though I have recently graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a major in English, I have decided to buy and be the Director of a daycare centre. Currently, I am negotiating to buy a daycare in Marlton, New Jersey. The graduate degree would help me quite a bit in my career as a day care centre director. I would use what I learn from it at work. The degree is not limited to a certain field of subjects and has a wide range of different disciplines weaved in together, therefore, I feel I would have much to gain from it.

Moreover, since the degree program allows me to choose what time to take my classes, I will be able to work at my day centre during the day and attend my classes in the afternoon. The family has always been important for me, and I feel that right now when I have the time, energy and opportunity to study for this degree, I should go ahead with it.

My child is young right now and working in the daycare, I would get to spend quite a bit of time with her. However, once she grows up, and my family gets bigger, I may not be able to have such an opportunity, or if given one, I will opt not to take it for fear of neglecting my family. A degree in liberal arts will make me proficient in a multiple of disciplines in a relatively smaller span of time, thereby saving me time in the future – time I would spend building a career and a family.

What is more, the various disciplines of the degree would help me in case I am unable to continue working as a day care director, as they would make the transition easier and much smoother, seeing how the degree is multifaceted. All these reasons have made me apply for the degree in Liberal Arts at your institute. The most important factor being the flexibility, as being a family oriented person, I require a degree program that would give me more freedom in my career choice.

I believe I will benefit a great deal from this degree as well as be a good addition to your institute, both as a good student and a young mother.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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