Family Nurse Practitioner Choice and Future – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Family Nurse Practitioner Choice and Future" is an exceptional example of an admission essay on nursing.   My choice of advanced nursing practice is to be a family nurse practitioner, which came about due to my abilities and skills. The skills that backed my choice include being a nurse II, my experience working in the neurology unit for a year and a half, and that I am a level II RN. I am also a member of the Unit Practice Council. Further, I am a wound Resource Nurse, I conduct nursing Research – Clinical Inquiry, and I am a preceptor to Graduate nurses.

On experience, I have provided quality nursing care to Adults patients in a 50-bed Neurology Unit and that unit and hospital educational classes have allowed me to develop new skills. I will be starting step-down education to become a Neurology step-down RN with the addition of being a stroke responder- being called to answer to patients throughout the hospital with stroke-like symptoms and to work alongside neurology MD to access potential stroke patients.   These skills, a degree in nursing and experience, and that I would like to interact with different types of age groups in the neurology perspective aspect informed my choice as a family nurse practitioner.

As a family nursing practitioner, I will be fulfilling my passion, responsibility needs, and aims. Changes in the neurology field and workplace will affect my future as a family nurse practitioner. Neurology is growing with our unit expanding to have specific floors with only specific critical neurology patients. There are new advances, medication, and techniques in the neurology standpoint that are poised to affect me as a family nurse practitioner and I have to adapt to these changes to remain relevant.

I would also like to advance my nursing knowledge and be more directly involved in the patient’ s cases as an FNP. Despite the University of Florida being far from my residence, I will work closely with my manager to tailor my schedule to allow flexibility of my schedule for the attendance of my graduate classes. I will also be able to interact with patients at the family level, mental, physical, emotional, and socio-cultural levels in the future as a family nurse practitioner.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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