Career Goals - Becoming a Dentist – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Career Goals - Becoming a Dentist" is a great example of an application/admission essay on medical science. I have the ambition of becoming a dentist. I developed a passion for dentistry during the vacation of the summer of my sophomore year in college. During that period, I had visited my home country, Vietnam after a long time, and met my cousin. I had not seen my cousin over the last ten years. He, however, did not have the cleft palate he had when I was last with him. He had an opaque scar on his cheek instead of the palate.

I learned that a dentist performed surgery on him and that he was overjoyed that the dentist helped him. I developed a longing to serve as a dentist because I passionate to help patients recover from complications in a similar manner to my cousin. I have contacted several dental school students and learned from them the diverse challenging the field. I withhold my goals of being an experienced dental practitioner. As a dentist, I focus to make the patients feel loved and cared for during treatment; to inspire them to have hope of retaining their health condition.

The competence standards of the dentist, who treated my cousin, gave me a sense of drive. How I Plan to Achieve My Goal I participated in charity work at a dental clinic called Community Dental Clinic during the time I was in high school. I plan to take part in volunteer duties at the non-profit dental clinic again and participate in activities of the Pre-Dental Association at my school.

I also plan to assist dental practice students to perform free fluoride varnish at the Kwanza Fest, Dallas. I also hope to attend the Pre-Dental Stimulation Program offered at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry (College of Dentistry 1). I intend to learn the application of some tools such as the drill. Apart from engaging in practical activities, I also want to take courses specifically meant for dentistry for which I will gain professional competence and expertise experience. Description of My Research and Clinical Experiences I was a volunteer for a non-profit clinic called Community Dental Care.

On the first day of my experience at the hospital, I felt nervous, but I gained confidence out of the help of the dental assistants. The dental assistants took time to teach me how to perform basic terms such as sterilizing surgical instruments and sanitizing theater rooms. I spent valuable time copying the dentist, Dr. Siegel, who further elaborated to me the importance of becoming a professional dentist. My Reason for Applying to this Program I envisioned being a dentist immediately after completing high school education.

I remember I had applied to courses with the rest of my friends who had similar ambitions. My friends received their letters to study dentistry, but I did not. At that time, I did not seem to understand what the problem could have been. I was unaware why the rest of my friends received their letters and not me. After I had learned that my dream school could not absorb me into the dentistry course, I gave up and graduated from school. I knew I had no hope especially after I remembered that my peers could get jobs before I could do.

They could get what they dreamt of in their high school days. I had a job after giving up on academics, which reduced the pressure of schoolwork. For the first time in academic life, I found no reason to feel concerned about school. I had no interest to learn anything else. My cousin informed me about an alternative to joining the dentist school. He gave me a brochure from the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

The university was introducing a new program, Master of Science Degree in Medical Science. The purpose of this program is specifically to strengthen the academic background for students who hope to pursue a career in medical or dental studies. I looked at the brochure presented by my cousin, which he encouraged me to envision. That night, I laid the brochure on my desk and sat quietly on the chair thinking about the program, and then suddenly my dad walked into the room. He spent valuable time convincing me to consider going back for studies.

I learned that I had a second chance to achieve my goals and be similar to my peers. The program provided a platform of revolutionizing my weak grades and gave me a preparatory procedure of joining the School of Dentistry. Based on my experience, I decided to join the School of Dentistry.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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