MBA on a Part-Time Basis – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "MBA on a Part-Time Basis" is an excellent example of an application/admission essay on education. I humbly request the admissions committee to take the following considerations which are driving me to pursue my MBA on a part-time basis. I arrived at part-time as my only option after evaluating the school program’s offerings and my personal demands. The first reason I wish to pursue my MBA on a part-time basis is that I have a family which requires my support, and this requires of me to not only provide for them but be present physically. I work the normal nine to five on weekdays and I have the weekends off. As such, I need a program that will allow me to continue to work uninterruptedly during the day, and then I can have evening (night) classes. If my request is granted, I will successfully achieve my goal of possessing an MBA that will take my career to the next level in that I will have qualify for the promotion. After assessing the program lineup, I prefer to alternate my program between Washington and Maryland. Each has an advantage with regards to my work and family schedules. On weeknights, I prefer taking my lessons from the Maryland Campus over the Washington Campus. The reason is that since I work on a full-time basis in the Virginia area, getting to Washington will require more time, especially during weekdays when I attend evening classes. This is bound to inconvenience me. Maryland is also more accessible than Washington on weeknights. Since I do not work on weekends, I can take my lessons from the Washington Campus because I will have more time for my schedule. I am positive that the part-time schedule will allow me to further my career and attain my goals as I continue to offer my job and family all the attention they require. This will mold me into an all-around individual.