Law School Admission Test – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "Law School Admission Test" is an outstanding example of a law admission essay. I took another chance at going through the Law School Admission Test because I was certain that can get a score higher than my initial grade which was 154. I exerted more efforts in preparing and reviewing, knowing that I already have a good overview of the whole process, having taken it already some months back. Unfortunately, I obtained a slightly lower grade which is 149.
Although I doubled my efforts to prepare for another test, I could say that I was not physically and mentally prepared as I was when I first took the exam because I have also practiced Ramadan last August. Even if I spent most of the time reviewing and reading through my notes and books on top of our Ramadan activities, I have to admit to being unequipped in a way because I also did not eat throughout the day, which perhaps contributed to a decrease in my overall preparedness. Despite the efforts I went through studying previous lessons and painstakingly concentrating on the items that my previous LSAT touched on, I fell short in terms of preparing for the physical and mental aspects of the examination. At some point, I knew I was getting weak from lack of nourishment, which affected my studies. I was as committed to practicing Ramadan, but being defocused on the review contributed to the decline in my scores.
I have a personal conviction to enter the Law School despite the score that I was able to obtain. I am aware that I have to exert more efforts particularly in the following years when I have to split my attention into several activities. With this conviction, I am positive that I will be able to pursue Law studies despite the slightly lower entrance exam score that I got.