Reasons for Becoming a Yale Young Global Scholar – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Reasons for Becoming a Yale Young Global Scholar" is an outstanding example of an admission/application essay on education.   I was born in Polokwane a small town in South Africa near the Zimbabwe border. My father’ s career required him to make regular geographical migrations, a factor that forced us to relocate frequently. At barely 17 years, I had lived in four different cities Johannesburg, Singapore, Bangalore, and Delhi. In addition, I had to change my school a number of times, and this gave me an opportunity to meet people from different races and religions. The regular travels in various countries encouraged me to become a numismatist with a collection that spans 150 countries and territories.

Meeting other numismatics also gave an insight into how money contributes to human behavior and how it affects the economies globally. I noticed the money commands respects and exudes power. I observed how money language permeated every aspect of human life and to my impressionable mind, the most conversation about money are either having too much or not having enough of it. I engaged myself in volunteer work with an organization that cares for children who suffer from cerebral palsy.

There I got an opportunity to interact with these children, and I got an insight into how severely cerebral palsy affects their life. Besides, I could see the affliction of their families in a bid to show love and care. The understanding of economic principles from my A levels gave me an insight of what the families are undergoing. The disease causes financial impacts to the families, and they had to commit time for the wellbeing of their affected children.

The situation developed my dream to study Economics to understand how I can combine different resources to advance the well-being of the communities, in general. In addition, combining Economics with Politics and Law will help me examine the impact of social contemporary issues Response IMy Passion I have a deep passion for helping people better their lives. The passion has been my driving force towards my participation in volunteer works to get an experience of what different individuals are undergoing and to try to make an impact towards making their lives better.

Making a positive contribution towards a needy heart gives the spirit to keep going even when the opposition strikes. I am passionate about learning new experiences. It is from these practices that I gather new ideas imperative in tackling difficulties in life. In addition, I usually involve myself in different extracurricular activities such as golf. Moreover, I travel extensively with the aim of learning more about new cultures, races, and religions. In most cases, when we talk about passion it happens that it is set to equal terms such as motivation towards engaging in certain activities (Steinhauser, 2013, p. 6).

Therefore, my passion for helping and learning new ideas gives me the driving force towards participating in the PLE program. Through the program, I will become autonomous and self-driven just the way passionate individuals should be and, therefore, gather knowledge that I will use to change the lives of people. Response 2Reasons for Becoming a Yale Young Global Scholar I would like to join Yale Young Global Scholar, to advance my career in economics and achieve my future goal of becoming a renowned economist.

Through interaction with practitioners in my line of specialization, I will understand the rationale behind the demand and supply forces and their effect on prices of essential commodities. Yale Young Global Scholar offers an immersive learning environment. The environment will be indispensable in advancing my global awareness concerning factors currently affecting markets. Within the school, I will get an opportunity to be involved in collaborative projects and participate in challenging discussions. Through such opportunities, my thinking and analytical skills will improve further.

As a result, I will be in a better position to analyze the forces of demand and supply and to understand their effect on global commodity prices Becoming a Yale Young Global Scholar will offer an opportunity to meet and interact with economics specialists. Through the interactions, I will get a chance to ask any complex issues in finance with immediate feedback. Finally, I will also get an opportunity to study in a safe environment and in a setting where diversity and opinions are respected and valued.

Response 3My contributions to the Yale Young Global Scholars Program and the community Given an opportunity, I intend to utilize my time in college maximumly, and at the same time participate actively in activities that aim at making my college better. I will ensure that I conduct myself in a disciplined manner that portrays a positive image for the college to the outside world. In addition, I intend to participate fully in community volunteer works, as this will serve to enlighten the needs of fellow community members specifically those who are homeless and with no caregivers.

I will act as an instrument to change by helping and training others on the need to share and give back to the community. I will use my interpersonal relations to ensure that all people fit in a multicultural environment.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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