Discuss The Challenges You Predict You Will Face In Pharmacy School And How You Will Overcome These – Admission/Application Essay Example

PHARMACY CHALLENGES I would like to go to pharmacy school, but I understand there are a number of challenges. I intend to meet these challenges head-on. I am a dedicated, highly motivated, diligent, driven student who consistently strives for the best outcomes in life, work, and school. This is one of the many reasons I have decided to pursue this career path. I am devoted to my studies and the steps that I have to take to obtain a future in this field.
One of the most important aspects of pharmacy are the high professional standards in the field. Many of the decisions that pharmacists make are life and death ones, and so we require a strong code of ethics from them. Like many other important professions, pharmacists are respected but they are also held to high standards. I am an ethical person and I always strive to do better. It will be a challenge to meet the lofty standards of the pharmacy profession, but I know I can do it.
Being a pharmacist means working in a team. That can sometimes be a challenge, but it is one I can easily overcome. I work very well in team situations and have always developed a good rapport with peers, co-workers, professors and employers. While I highly enjoy teamwork I also have the motivation and knowledge to work efficiently and independently on major projects. I work extremely well under pressure and have always been able to put my best forward and receive top results.