Desire to Enroll in the UCOR at Seattle University to Become an Educator – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Desire to Enroll in the UCOR at Seattle University to Become an Educator" is a forceful example of an admission essay on education. One of the major reasons why parents enroll their students in school is to ensure that they get the skills, knowledge, and expertise to navigate the challenges of life, be responsible and productive citizens. The UCOR at Seattle University is critical in developing my interest in becoming an educator in the future, helping young children develop an interest in developing their lives for the better.

My desire in undertaking interdisciplinary liberal arts is in tandem with University’ s mission statement which is professional formation and empowerment, where my career choice is developed to create a positive impact in the society. I believe the current design of the curriculum is comprehensive enough to build to earn a well-rounded education and gaining interpersonal skills. It also develops my levels of critical and creative thinking; and learning how to communicate effectively, not only in my line of work but also those who I interact with in my daily life.

This is because I am doing a major which I desire, not for career development, but gaining skills to bring positive change to those who interact with. It is my passion and a sense of determination, bearing in mind that it is not something I am compelled to undertake by the job prospect or parents, or social status. I concur with Keyes (2010), it can be counterproductive to ask someone to choose a major based on career prospects. A well-paying career does not equal the same job satisfaction than a career that a person is passionate about regardless of remuneration rewards.

Therefore, the curriculum design at Seattle University is exhaustive enough to develop a person’ s educational development. Just as Gaposchkin (2015) argues, a person asking a student to choose a major they are not passionate about will limit their intellectual growth and the sense of self-discovery. Making sound major choices will exclude a student from being lost in the individualized instruction which is prevalent in the university’ s class. Therefore, I believe undertaking the interdisciplinary liberal arts will not only develop my prospects but also become a critical thinker, develop creativity in my line of work.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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