Desire to Enroll in South Dakota State University as a Center of Excellence in Agricultural Research – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Desire to Enroll in South Dakota State University as a Center of Excellence in Agricultural Research" is a delightful example of an admission essay on agriculture. I have always dreamt of running agricultural related research projects and enterprise.   My interest in this line comes from my family background, which is farming, and my passion for this art and science. The family farm has furnished me with knowledge and raw skills, which have since improved through my high school and undergraduate studies. Despite my vast knowledge in crop production and animal husbandry using organic and inorganic farming techniques, I have a strong interest in consumer and marketing.

Apart from that, I am interested in undertaking the graduate program at South Dakota State University. The institution is my choice as it boasts of a good reputation in agribusiness courses amongst others. I choose South Dakota State University because it is a center of excellence in agricultural research. Much is said about the systems of learning in this college, which makes it a center of academic excellence. The university also has a reputation for rendering its academic programs through staff that is competent and qualified.

Therefore, the university is my choice due to the best levels of admiration, and the facilities that enable learning. Moreover, the reputation of being a world class and research leader in agriculture is a challenge enough to stimulate learning. Having a background of agribusiness has enabled me to improve my skills in the field. During my time in high school, I had chosen agriculture as a technical subject due to the urge to improve the practices on our farm.

However, mechanization made the system of animal and crop production efficient hence I deviated to consumer and marketing. The field is a branch of agribusiness that deals with the study of market trends of agricultural products. Moreover, it empowers the learner with skills that hastens the marketing of agricultural inputs and produce. Therefore, I undertook a degree in the line of agricultural consumer marketing. Currently, I am working with a non-profit organization known as 360 communities as an intern. At 360 communities, I had the responsibility of helping the field personnel in data collections on market survey and the analysis of the data.

Moreover, I handle consumer reviews from different periodicals while comparing their statistics with the outcome from the raw data we collect. The possession of analytical skills has enabled me to improve my knowledge about the trends in the agricultural sector. Therefore, joining South Dakota State University will help me improve skills in consumer trends analysis and marketing. The program will also enable me to have a higher level of understanding of the same.

In conclusion, I am joining South Dakota State University to pursue a Masters program in agricultural consumer marketing. My choice for this university is propelled by its massive input in agricultural research and publication. Moreover, I have the desire to improve my background in agriculture, which runs from my home to my academics. At home, I come from a family that practice animal and plant husbandry for commercial purposes. Through that, I have earned experience in field practices and animal handling at different stages. However, my education at the university level has enabled me to settle for consumer marketing as a special area.

After my undergraduate, I have been an intern at 360 communities where I assist in data collection and analysis on agricultural production. Therefore, I will be delighted to join South Dakota State University to improve my skills under the best tutors.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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