Describe Yourself Both Personally And Professionally And How You Will Contribute To The University – Admission/Application Essay Example

My Personal and Professional and how I will contribute to the community. If one were to ask any of my friends to describe me they would portray me as a very pleasing, diverse, dynamic, and an intelligent person. As matter of fact, my most distinctive characteristics is diversity of the experiences that I have. I am a science student who also boasts elegance for the arts. I am a person who has a technical ability and an interest in management. Additionally, I have a passion for moving to different places and understanding the diverse civilizations of the world. All these fundamentals give me a very extensive outlook, with varying degrees of information and knowledge in a variety of topics. I have a strong believe that while some may not be related directly, all these qualities will control my personal, professional, and the overall contribution to the university community.
My degree in engineering has had a strong base to my analytical and problem solving skills because civil designing deals with long, intricate, and complex sums as well as the application of basic mathematics skills. I have worked as a part time employee in my family firm over the past for four years. I am also the co-founder member of the Environmental club at the university. As a professional in my field, I was involved in the installation of the Enterprise Resource Planning system at a company. Apart from what I have learnt at school and college, these personal experiences are the ones that have made me the person that I am.
In addition to that, I am of the belief that this distinctive blend of experiences has made me a person of high integrity and with an original point of view. This blend has made to have a fine understanding and a big perspective of life and a target to aim for. My contribution to the university has been immense. Apart from helping the university students by founding the environmental club that educate them on how to conserve the environment, my success in the implementation of the software up gradation project has helped all the university staff and students to perform their operations faster using their computers. My leadership skills have helped our club rise to new heights.
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