Interest in Becoming a Nurse Practitioner – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Interest in Becoming a Nurse Practitioner" is an excellent example of an admission essay on nursing. My interest in becoming a nurse practitioner did not develop quite recently. The interest started developing at a very young age. I became interested in becoming a practicing nurse when for the first time I came in contact with another nurse. When I was first exposed to the field of nursing I realized that this is the field in which I can satisfy my desire and need to help people who are experiencing problems in their lives.

While growing up I witnessed various family members experiencing various health issues and one of the prominent figures that were out there to help patients and family members of patients was a nurse.   At a very young age, I had decided to pursue a career as a practicing nurse. This decision motivated me to pursue education as a BSN in an educational institute located in the region of Baltimore, MD in the United States of America. While pursuing my education as a BSN my aim of becoming a nurse and helping patients was once again affirmed and this made me realize that nursing is the only profession that I want to pursue.

During my educational experience, I came across various patients and I realized that the patients and their family members were solely dependent on my help. I even realized that helping the patients and their family members were quite rewarding and I found the task to be meaningful (Peterson, 2011). Other than my educational experience, I even have gained experience as a practicing nurse in my hometown which is Nepal.

While serving as a practicing nurse in Nepal I was involved in caring for several patients. These patients praised me for the hard work that I was doing and they even rewarded me with prayers. I realized that devoting life towards helping people is enough for an individual to spend their entire life (Freeman, 2015). My experience and my education as BSN have helped me in developing knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required to practice as a professional nurse. I believe that I need to further polish my existing KSAs and this will, in turn, help me in positively contributing to patient outcomes and will even help me in moving up the ladder of the nursing profession.

The idea that I need to further develop my KSAs has motivated me to pursue the education of Master of Science in Nursing. I believe that pursuing this degree will enable me to reach the topmost level that a nursing practitioner can attain. Obtaining MSN will even enable me in solving various problems that patients experience and what I witnessed during my professional life (Finkelman, 2010).

For example, the MSN degree will provide me insight regarding ethical decision making and how decisions need to be made along with the family members of the patient. It will help me in ensuring that patients suffer less pain and they are treated in a manner that will help them in attaining a better lifestyle and will even work as a remedy for the issues faced by their family members.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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