MBA at University of Southern California – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "MBA at the University of Southern California" is an excellent example of a business admission essay.
I have chosen the University of Southern California to continue my studies. I am applying to transfer my earned credits to the ‘Fall 2013’ session. I am a business major with a strong interest in corporate finance. My long-term goal is to end up with my MBA from this university. I want to pursue a higher degree in the field of corporate finance to become a highly qualified professional from a reputed university, as well as to gain an in-depth understanding of all issues and concepts related to this field of study. My educational background has played a key role in building my interest in doing a Masters in Business Administration. I want to gain a good amount of knowledge regarding different managerial and financial issues of corporate finance, and this is possible if I study under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced professors of this university.
The University of Southern California has an experienced faculty in the field of Business, as well as in all other fields of study. Studying under the guidance of such people will allow me to grow intellectually in an appropriate manner. I want to be skilled in performing managerial tasks related to corporate finance, such as predicting forecast outturn and coding of expenditure. I possess almost all qualities of a successful corporate finance manager, such as integrity, financial intelligence, visionary outlook, and effective communication skills. I believe that the practical learning environment and educational standards of this university would certainly help me become a skilled professional.
I am sending this application to get admission in the current MBA program. I am grateful in advance and expect the authorities to accept my application and let me pursue my degree from this university.