Creative Supplement Applying For Grad School of Film Production – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Creative Supplement Applying For Grad School of Film Production" is an excellent example of an admission essay on visual arts and film studies. Mary and John planned to go snowboarding. The activity was supposed to be to foster their relationship and spice it as the couple had stayed apart for quite some time. John and Mary’ s marriage had lasted for five years with no children yet. This was devastating for the couple as they wished to have children but Mary was unable to conceive despite numerous visits to different hospitals.

The couple was doing well given that John accepted the situation and both were contemplating about being adoptive parents. They both agree to think about it and even had planned to visit some of their friends who had adopted children to offer their interjections. The couple went snowboarding. They both loved the sport and often did it during the winter as a form of leisure and recover lost time that they were not together. They worked in different cities which was straining their relationship. However, as they enjoyed skiing, they got stack snowboarding side by side.

The boards were thrown as they landed into the snow bank. Luckily they had the right gears but the cold was unbearable. The couple started thinking of the ways to ask for help but both their phones were not working as the service was down. Hours passed but they could not unstick themselves from the ice. This became a revelation moment for the couple. The wind had started increasing and they could barely hold hands. Their faces were full of frost.

Unlucky for them it was a weekday and no one was snowboarding that day. Oblivious of the danger they were in, the couple started laughing thinking that it was an easy task to get to the safer areas. As they tried to move out of the ice, John felt a piercing pain on his angle. Something sharp was cutting through his leg and he wailed in pain. Mary unable to move could not help but see her husband suffer in pain. But after a while, the pain eased as Mary tried to reach under her legs to feel if there was something she could do.

As time passed by, the couple felt cold and they had to move closer to each other. All this time, they were not conversing. To generate heat they held each other by hugging. Mary asked John about the issue of adopting. Surprising, John was not supporting the idea. He felt he would feel inferior given he would not be the real father. Mary blamed herself for the issue as she tried to convince her husband about adopting.

“ I won’ t be a real man; I need to sire my own children” . This was intimidating on Mary as John confessed that he had an affair with another woman who was already two weeks pregnant. Mary did not believe it. This occurred when Mary went through John’ s phone wanting to put on the torch to help generate more heat. There was a selfie John had taken with the alleged woman. As Mary tried holding her husband, the situation worsened when Mary angrily said: “ you messed me up” .

Mary blamed John for messing her womb. In the past, John had refused to have the child they were expecting as John claimed they were not ready hence forced her to abort. Perhaps the process messed Mary’ s womb. As Mary cried, John insisted that they should break up because she was not “ woman enough” to get pregnant. Survival at the lonely place was significant. The situation required them to work as a team in order to move to a safer area. The heated agreement was not helping as they were angry. Mary was thinking of committing suicide.

She threatened John that should he leave him, he should be held responsible for the action she was going to take. John beseeched Mary to stay calm and leave the matter to rest but it was agonizing and wanted nothing to do with John. She felt betrayed and rejected. At this moment they were no longer hugging. The adverse condition made Mary pass out. John called her severely but there was no response. He felt remorseful and hated himself for saying awful words to Mary.

John gave Mary mouth to mouth as a first aid measure. This did not work. He realized how much she loved Mary and was bothered by what he had told her which was hurting. He tried hard to move but the pain on his leg could not allow him to move. John held Mary tighter and continued giving her mouth to mouth. Surprisingly, Mary opened her eyes and started coughing. ” What happened, honey? ” As a sign of relief, John replied, “ I am taking you home; I am never losing you again” .

Seemingly, Mary could not recall what had transpired. John used his flashlight and luckily it got the attention of a rescue helicopter. They were taken home safely. John never talked about the other woman who never existed and decided to stay with Mary after adopting a handsome boy.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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