College Admissions Letter For Liberty University – Admission/Application Essay Example

Running Head: of Liberty Personal ment. Department I strongly believe in a quality education that transforms the whole person and would work hard not only to achieve academic excellence but also complete transformation in terms of perception of life and society. My parents have always encouraged me to acquire the highest possible knowledge in order to become a role model in the society. They introduced me to the church at an early life for they believe by going to church I would not only grow spiritually but also interact with other children and people outside the school, family and neighborhood which would increase my knowledge of society. I am applying to the Liberty University because I strongly believe its mission of developing Christ centered leaders aligns with my personal faith and values.
Coming from a background firmly anchored on Christian faith and strong belief in individuals’ contribution to the well being of society and quality of life, I believe I will solidly contribute to the University’s mission. My background has taught me to understand the importance of education, and contributions ourselves to the stability and well being of the society. An education that transfers quality knowledge with emphasis on all round growth is therefore what I seek in order to positively contribute in the development of my country and society. Serving humanity is dear to my heart and that why I choose to pursue my studies in a university that anchors its strategies in Christianity and that recognizes the need for development of Christ centered leaders. I believe an opportunity to study at Liberty University will allow me to grow my academics, Christian faith and prepare me to graduate ready to serve the various challenges facing our modern society.
Apart from academics I am also a very outgoing person who enjoys participating in societies and club activities. I love being member to Christian organizations and this I believe as a student at Liberty I will have the opportunity to participate and help in achieving the university’s mission. I also actively engage in field and track events for I believe being physically and mentally fit is very important in the learning and growth process. I hope to enjoy the facilities at the university and participate in both faith-based, academic clubs and games & sports which will present me with unique opportunities for meaningful interactions.