Masters in Management and Organization – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "Masters in Management and Organization " is an outstanding example of an admission/application essay on education. Advancing in education is an essential aspect of any human being. I believe through education, it is easier for one to attain self-actualization. One of the major goals in my life is to be admitted to your university to pursue a Masters in management and organization major. In 2002, I graduated with Bachelor major in computer engineering. I have extensive work experiences that include working as an email system engineer for a period of five years and serving as an IT infrastructure manager for four years. Having worked in supervisory levels, I gained a wide knowledge and skills in engineering fields and project management. The need to improve my skills and gain more knowledge compelled me to apply for Masters in information technology. However, after studying for two semesters, I realized that most of the subjects that I was supposed to undertake were offered online. Online learning was not consistent with my scholarship and so I left the course and started to search for another course. Fortunately, I discovered that master in management and organization major that is offered in your university was ideal in fulfilling my desire and needs. Master in management and organization offered in university is vital in enhancing managerial, analytic and supervisory skills. In addition, it will offer me a coveted academic qualification that is essential in looking for managerial positions in any company in the world (Bamford, Benjamin and Michael 54). I believe that my admission to your university will be of great benefit to me and the companies that I will work as the knowledge acquired will assist in transforming the world into a better place.