Enrolling in an MBA Program to Become a Business Leader in the Future – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper “ Enrolling in an MBA Program to Become a Business Leader in the Future" is a spectacular example of an application essay on management. The author appeals to the fact that the work environment of the 21st century relies on teamwork and cooperation to achieve business success as it has been during his work in Earnest & Young. "My hard work and dedication in the workplace have helped me achieve my personal goals. The most important goal in my life right now is to complete a master’ s degree in business administration from the University of San Diego.

I would love to extend my knowledge in the field through your university as it will help me even more in extending my experience and knowledge in the field so I may use that as the main road for my success in the business world. A university is a community of people that have the common goal of sharing knowledge among each other. My excellent communication skills are going to help me establish good relations with my professors and classmates. I plan on being an active participator during class discussions.

I have always being a person that likes to help others. My personal values are aligned with the university’ s mission of developing socially responsible business leaders with a global mindset. To me protecting the environment should be one of the top priorities of any business entity. In my personal life, I recycle and support companies that use environmentally friendly packaging. Once I am accepted into your prestigious school I plan on getting involved in volunteering work to help support social causes such as protecting wildlife and the environment.

I am also interested in joining clubs and interest groups that support alternative energy measures such as wind and solar energy. One of the missions of the University of San Diego is to foster valued based education and research. One of my hobbies in life is to perform research. I like gaining knowledge by reading journal articles, magazines, databases and information from the internet. As a future student of the University of San Diego, I plan on spending a lot of time in the library doing research on the topics discussed by professors during class.

Whenever possible I will share the knowledge I gain from my research with my classmates inside and outside the classroom. Getting involved in campus activities is important. I plan on attending educational business seminars given at the school. I have realized in my life that education is a critical success factor for employees. I have decided to go back to school in order to enhance my credentials to have better work opportunities. I want to obtain a higher level of education to get a better paying job to increase the standard of living of me and my family.

In my workplace, I gained a lot of experience dealing with important business leaders that were customers of the firm. My great interpersonal skills are an asset that I plan to put to good use at the university by getting involved in student organizations, tutoring initiatives, and other volunteering work. I am highly motivated to start the next chapter in my life by enrolling in an MBA program".

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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