The Role of New England Conservatory in Achieving Career Vision – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "The Role of New England Conservatory in Achieving Career Vision" is a good example of an admission/application essay on music. Communication is the key to almost all of our inner and outer issues in modern society. Although it is obvious that a language is a primary tool of communication, words can sometimes make people misunderstand, hurt, and deceive each other. However, I believe that music doesn’ t lie and music has enormous power to change people’ s lives by delivering the profound message in music. My particular genre, classical piano repertoire, can express and deliver all possibilities that exist in this world.

I hope to become an influential classical pianist who gives positive energy to all communities in the world, both musical and non-musical. While attending New England Conservatory, I have found that NEC would assist me in achieving my career vision.   New England Conservatory is situated in Boston; this city has been known to be a cultural city, where they have a dialect of the non-rhotic Eastern accent which has been referred to as the Boston English (New England Conservatory, 2010).

Boston has also been known for its originality in classical music as it is the home of contemporary classical music, for that reason, it makes NEC the best place to study these artistic works, the exposure and the experience one will gain from studying music in Boston is exhilarating. There are many theaters making practicing of one's specialty in music easy, performing for a live audience is a compulsory requirement in NEC, this makes it easier to face the world at the end of the course, they ensure that the music communicated is for the greater good of the community.

New England Conservatory has been the best place to study my career and will help me in my profession, the reason being in NEC the teachers are supportive and they interact with the students closely ensuring that what we learn is communicated efficiently and effectively (New England Conservatory, 2010). NEC has the state of the world instruments making it easier to practice. NEC is a school and a hub that promotes equality and does not encourage discrimination; they enroll students from all over the world, therefore, encouraging people to learn the cultures of other communities and promoting integration.   In conclusion, through the artist diploma in NEC, I will get the opportunity not only to learn music but other life skills such as confidence, interaction with other members of the society.

I will get an opportunity to perform in solo recitals, chamber music locally and internationally, concerto performances and take part in major concerts and competitions. By the end of my program where I will be able to come out as a professional musician who will be active in performance and a good piano pedagogue.

I know my music will communicate to the people of the community and continue promoting peace all over the world.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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