Applying for Teach for Qatar Organization – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Applying for Teach for Qatar Organization" is an outstanding example of an admission/application essay on education. Why do you want to join Teach for Qatar Organization? I am interested to join the Teach for Qatar Organization for various purposes. Primarily, I am interested to share the skills that I have gained through the course in Marketing /International business that is of great relevance to the young students in schools. Through sharing my experiences, I would create awareness in many students in Qatar who have low exposure to trends in the business world as well as the economics of the country in relation to the rest of the world.

This awareness is timely for the students who could develop ambitions to pursue opportunities presented by the growth of the country’ s GDP (Teach For Qatar, 2015). The opportunities available would require students with high education and exposure to current trends. I am also interested in the organization as a way of giving back to society by helping elevate the low levels of education in the country. Despite boasting of the highest GDP, Qatar has very low literacy levels in comparison with other developed countries.

Hence, by joining the organization I would get the opportunity to strongly impacting the present levels of education. This is a rare opportunity that would enable me to motivate the young generation and stimulate them to rise on the top of the challenges experienced. My willingness to join the organization is also for the purposes of growing my connection networks with people in other fields that of importance in national development.   Experiences at Exxon Mobil Qatar during my sponsorshipI got sponsorship opportunity with the Exxon Mobil Qatar for a span of two years.

Throughout the period, I gained a lot of exposure and experience to many things from the various responsibilities held. I worked in the Global and Real Estate Facilities (GREF) department in the sections of Finance and control and IMS. I held the position of assistant supervisor for the Information Management Service and had main responsibility of helping the supervisor in discharging duties. These included assistance in the development of control activities of the organization and performing reviews and rearrangement of roles for existing job positions.

I needed the understanding of the IMS operations as well as the differences among the systems of operation in order to execute my tasks effectively. Nevertheless, the setting provided me with the opportunity to learn and have hands-on experience relevant to my course. I made several accomplishments from the sponsorship. Despite being an intern, I was able to contribute towards control training for contractors and got the opportunity to attend pieces of training by the company. I was also able to make a presentation to the organization on the SharePoint project idea that is being acted on by the management.

Moreover, I was able to learn operations an IMS system and contribute to operations such as modification of the GREF business process list and review on the LAN folders. The GREF supervisor was also pleased with my performances and appraised my contributions. Based on this accomplishment, I was able to apply the skills learned in class in a real-life situation and realize their true implications. The attachment was a great achievement for my studies and career.

The main challenge experienced during the internship periodThe main challenge experienced while at Exxon Mobil organization was coping with demands of work environment while applying the skills gained in class. Managing the pressures and expectations of the people in the organization and ensuring I significantly impacted the operations of the international company was not an easy task. In addition, I didn’ t have earlier work experiences and hence the work demands were very high. However, armed with determination creating strong relationships with other people enabled me to overcome this challenge and turn the internship program to a great experience.

This was accomplished by seeking guidance from a colleague who helped me familiarize with the operations and expectations of employees. This enabled me to feel comfortable with high expectations in the workplace. In addition, it enabled me to develop my informed objectives for my entire internship program. Owing to this tactic, I was able to integrate easily with other people even during times of hardships in my line of duty and find resolutions. The transition from school to a work environment thus was successfully attained and enabled me to experience a sense of belonging and the value of my contributions to the organization.

Strong interpersonal skills thus were of great use in overcoming my difficulties

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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