English and Comparative Literary Studies – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "English and Comparative Literary Studies " is a perfect example of an application/admission essay on English. This is to apply for admittance for studies in modules in the department of English and Comparative Literary Studies at your university, Warwick. I am currently a senior student at the KOC University in Istanbul, Turkey where I am studying the English Language and Comparative Literature. I recently applied, at your university, for courses in the History Department since I was made to understand that there was no vacancy in the English Department.

However, still, I’ m informed that I can only graduate if I also undertake in English courses.   This is, therefore, a humble plea to the parties concerned to kindly consider my application to enroll for lessons in the English Department so that I can complete my studies smoothly and graduate with honors in the courses I will undertake. Apart from the primary need to actually graduate, and especially from such a reputable institution as yours, for a very long time now, I have remained transfixed on the subjects of History and English.

I essentially breathe, think and dream of these subjects in daily life. They are evidently fields with a lot more to discover, a plethora of questions to answer and hypotheses to test and prove/ discard. I believe, in these fields, I stand a solid opportunity to truly assert myself and obtain a chance to realize my full potential while equally advancing modern knowledge to newer, nobler heights. I thus consider this a fresh chapter in my life, a gateway for success, self-gratification, and realization of dreams.   In addition, I solemnly consider taking these courses in a university which has set such noble standards as yours a real chance at becoming the best at what I do (and know more about the subjects that I love).

The chance will further enable me to experience more intellectual growth and overall cognitive development associated with extra education. The same way extended and consistent years of exercise will improve one’ s physical condition and overall health, more years in the English Department, more so, will yield a more intelligent graduate. This chance will also tend my insatiable desire to add to my knowledge reservoir, challenge myself academically and develop my mind in order to better myself, Warwick University and the world around me.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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