Leadership Issue Faced While Working in a Team Situation at Work – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper “ Leadership Issue Faced While Working in a Team Situation at Work" is an affecting example of an application essay on management. While working, our time on several occasions has experienced instances where team members do not fully corporate with one another. Team members did not fully share information and we battled over responsibilities and rights. The behavior meant we could not properly work as a team and the results were disappointing. As a team leader in such a group, it is draining and challenging to lead it.

To solve this problem, the team leader adopted a strategy to build trust within the group. He builds the trust by leading by example, showing us that he trusted other people, communicating openly with all the group members, encouraging group members to know each other personally, discussing trust issues, and discouraging cliques. As a leader, one should be able to foster the spirit of trust and corporation among group members. Describe a recent, contentious issue in your local community or workplace and explain how ethical leadership and organizational social responsibility could have helped or done help address the issue.

There was once a situation whereby while in a meeting with our top executives, one of our colleagues fabricated some numbers in his report. He exaggerated some facts about an important project that we were doing. The project was expected to be completed in eight weeks. However, he reported that it would be completed in just four weeks. Also, the project was to generate a four percent increase in profits, but he reported an eight percent increase. In a situation like this, ethical leadership would be useful.

The team leader is required to lead the team with integrity and set an example for the subordinates. Ethical leadership requires leaders to carry out corrective measures at the right time for the right reasons. Leaders should put ethics before the result, and through this, their teams will follow their footsteps (Huszczo 145). Ethical leadership was crucial in solving this problem as it promotes good work relationships built on trust and respect. By the use of ethical leadership, all members of the group learned important principles of integrity, trust, honesty, respect, equity, and justice.

With these principles in mind situations such as this do not occur. Discuss a business problem or opportunity within your company where integrating skills and knowledge across several departments, and/or functions in the organization were necessary. These kind of situations are a regular occurrence in our organization. When a business prospect presents itself, it is a necessity that all the departments in the organization to be involved in determining whether the project is viable and profitable. It all starts with the customer relations department.

Here, customer relations experts take time to discuss with the client what he or she needs and expects. After this, the finance and the logistics departments meet to discuss the viability of the project by putting together the clients’ expectations and the amount of money that they are willing to spend on the project. Departmental cooperation is an important part of the organization. Without the integration of the skills and knowledge of the different departments in the organization, it would be not only impossible to choose the projects to undertake but also difficult to provide quality results for the clients.

Explain a situation at work where quantitative and/or technological tools were used to support decision-making. In our organization, the most frequently used quantitative decision-making tool is the payback analysis. An example of a situation where we applied the payback analysis is on a project where we were to redesign and update a local coffee shop’ s web presences. However, the client’ s budget for the project was too small. We used the payback decision-making tool to decide whether we would take up the project or not.

Through this method, we were able to analyze how much the client was willing to invest. We also came up with what the organization would have to spend to meet the customer’ s needs and the expected costs and savings. The payback analysis also helped us determine the returns that the project would generate and the amount of time the project would take to earn the profits. The payback analysis is a useful quantitative decision-making tool that helps us determine the viability of our projects.

Discuss two or three ways that the global business environment impacts businesses in your home region. Globalization and the global business environment have several impacts on businesses in China. A significant impact of the global business environment is consumer empowerment. At first, this might seem not good for business, but it is indeed the opposite effect. Globalization has made it possible for consumers from all over the globe to choose the products that best suits their needs. It has made this possible by improving communications and making the transfer of goods and services easier and cheaper.

Hence, businesses now have a worldwide market for their products and do not have to worry about how they will reach them. Another significant impact of the global business environment is that it is now possible for small firms to join the global business field. Due to the advancement of digital infrastructure, and the integration of the world’ s economic policies, global competitions barriers have been eliminated. Elimination of these barriers gives small businesses access to distribution channels that were initially reserved for big businesses.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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