Masters Degree at Brown University – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Masters Degree at Brown University " is an outstanding example of an application essay on macro and microeconomics. Brown is my choice to help me actualize my dreams. If I were given a prospect to determine my name, I would choose economics. I believe that the pillar that drives the world is economics, economics, and economics. At Brown University, I would like to be a specialist in economics so that I can be the driver of the world. I started learning economics when I was three years old. My dad was holding 100 dollars, but when I asked him to purchase a candy of five dollars for me, he told me the money was not enough.

It is from this day that I learned that money is never enough. I was raised in an environment where the resources were meager, and this was my practice in the economic world. In my neighborhood, there are extremely many individuals who earn extremely little income just like my family. This community has extremely diminutive knowledge on how to manage their funds so that they can change their life.

If I join this university, I will get an opportunity to harness knowledge to help them improve the economy of our area.   I have always been dreaming to be the greatest economist, and the reality lies in the hands of Brown University. This campus has been my dream institution to pursue my professional studies in economics. The idea of joining this campus to pursue economics emanated from my mentor who is an accomplished economist from Brown University. He was employed by the World Bank, and he was exceptionally intelligent in solving most economic challenges facing most people.

When I was doing my O levels, there were exceedingly many careers that I would have chosen, but the quality of graduates of Brown University always motivated me to join the institution. The university has a complete infrastructure that would enable me to learn without any limits. This has always been another motivating factor for me to do an economic course. Most graduates in economics whom I contacted directed me to Brown University. When I fast entered this university, I had gone to a graduation ceremony.

My first entrance in this institution left a lifetime dream that I always looked forward to achieving. After graduating with development studies in economics, I intend to pursue a Masters degree in pure economics and later a Doctorate in economic statistics. Brown university offers most of these courses and, therefore; it will be a good opportunity for me to pursue them in one institution. When I was doing my research about the university, I found out that brown university offers student internship in their field of interest.

I wish to work extremely hard so that I can secure scholarships from this institution. In my future prospects, I would like to be a lecturer, and I believe that brown university would offer me the opportunity since it recruits many people internally. Last but not least, too much work without play makes jack a dull boy. I am exceptionally good at playing rugby with little training and exposure in the game. Brown university has an incredibly good rugby team with exceptionally qualified coaches that will assist me in developing my skills.

I have been awarded several medals for the explicit participation in the local tournament league. I believe that the university will give me an opportunity to further my economics studies.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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