Fashion Merchandising Management – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper “ Fashion Merchandising Management" is a meaningful example of an application essay on management. The author recalls that the fascination with the fashion world began in childhoodю Growing up in Armenia, we did not have much, but my parents always managed to provide for our necessities. Our neighborhood was always fun, and we would stay late into the evening playing different games with children. The neighborhood children used to pick on me since I did not share their love for playing with dolls rather was much more interested in the dolls' outfits.

At that time, we were seven-year-olds and everyone just wanted to play with dolls, yet I would notice that dolls only come with one outfit and I would make clothes from pieces of fabric for the other children. I would use glue to piece up to the fabrics together and provide extra outfits for my friend's doll since I did not know how to sew then. By the age of twelve, I am the one who used to apply makeup and dress up my friends as they went for dates, all the way up to college.

It was never very easy growing up since my father was never supportive of the career path I chose; my poor performance in technical subjects didn’ t help lessen the situation. I was in touch with up to date information about the fashion industry and my friends used to call me a Fashionista. I would wear the latest trends, accessorize all my outfits, and I was really bold and experimental in my style of dressing, some would even call me a trendsetter.

This really built my confidence and encouraged me further to pursue my love and passion for everything beauty and fashion. As a young adult still in Armenia I did small projects such as wardrobe makeovers for those who were willing to have life-changing experiences. The smiles and the boost in the self-esteem of people after doing makeovers gave me a sense of satisfaction and well-being. I also helped in dressing up mannequins for some stores in the mall and making dresses for little children for their school plays. My first experience in owning a store came up when I held a yard sale and sold all the trendy clothes I owned and no longer fitted me.

At the Yerevan State University in Yerevan from 1994-1999, I did a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics where I specialized in English and German. I was very determined to learn English in order to go to New York and be the fashion icon I was destined to be. I migrated to New York in 2002 and was amazed by the city and its beauty and the beauty of the people; everyone is always so smart, elegant and classy and in a hurry.

I faced a few challenges because fitting in was hard and getting the right job was difficult but my strong personality is what kept me going and enabled me not to give up as I was a foreigner in a new country who wanted to be known and to succeed. I am very passionate, a go-getter and very patient under any circumstances. While in New York I studied for a while before I got sales jobs in three different organizations.

I was able to go to the Christine Valmy International School of New York in 2003 where I completed a certificate course in skincare, aesthetics and makeup application and to The Manhattan Institute still in New York for a Medical Billing Diploma in 2006. My sales jobs gave me experience in relating to customers, coordinating and scheduling client meetings, improving my communication skills. They also enabled me to learn one or two things about the people of New York City. I was also an office manager, and I honed my leadership and management skills while being responsible for 4-5 employees.

I believe am a perfect candidate for FIT because I already have experience in sales, and I love talking to customers and getting feedback from them. I know my way around New York and I love helping people seeing people feeling good about themselves and loving themselves after a little touch of my fashion and beauty magic. I want to expand my knowledge and opportunities by studying Fashion Merchandising Management, as a Fashion Merchandising Management student; I will acquire the skills I need to conquer the New York fashion market and even the world.

The career opportunities involved include; fashion buying, coordinating, merchandising, advertising, display, public relations, styling, and sales (Clark, 2014). I will also be able to achieve my long-term goals of building my own brand in the fashion industry and being an inspiration to upcoming artists of the fashion world.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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