Academic Suspension Appeal – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Academic Suspension Appeal" is an excellent example of an admission/application essay on English.   I am writing this letter in an effort to appeal the decision of the university to dismiss me as a student due to my inadequate performance during the past Spring semester. I was not surprised but I was upset to have received the dismissal letter from the university without being a given a chance to have my case heard by the proper school authorities in relation to my dismissal. It is my hope that upon hearing about the situation that led to my lackluster performance last semester, the university will find a due reason to reinstate me in the upcoming semester as a student.

My family underwent a trying financial situation this past year that forced me to prioritize work over my studies. Working over 40 hours a week prevented me from keeping up with my schoolwork and led to my dismal performance in the classes I was enrolled as a freshman in the university. However, that situation has since been resolved and I no longer have to work the same long hours in order to help my family financially.

My love for our university has led me to decide to major in accounting. I plan to achieve this goal by making changes in my personal life. I am now more focused and committed towards the achievement of my goals in life and my future now has a solid direction that I am in direct control of. That is why I am pleading with the university representatives to allow me another chance to prove myself within our academic system during the upcoming semester.

My previous GPA does not totally reflect who I am as a student. I am actually a fantastic student who had a very bad situation this past semester. I am hoping that my appeal will be granted and I will be allowed a second chance to prove the reasons why the university admitted me as a freshman in the previous semester. Thank you for listening to my appeal.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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