Hamlet by William Shakespeare – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Hamlet by William Shakespeare" is an outstanding example of a literature admission essay. The legacy of William Shakespeare still lives on; Hamlet is arguably the best work of Shakespeare. The tragedy tells us several things about the culture of the people back then, this paper will comprehensively present some of the most important cultural aspects which have been shown in the tragedy.   Superstition has been highlighted time and again in the tragedy of Hamlet, insanity, and procrastination have also been presented. Hamlet is also seen talking to himself time and again in the tragedy, this is called soliloquy.   The tragedy was written when England was going through a reformation, the tragedy also sheds light upon incest but there is little evidence of the presence of incest back then when the tragedy was written.

The tragedy is mainly based around revenge and it indicates that the people who lived during that time never forgave easily, they believed in avenging and satisfying themselves that way.   During the Elizabethan era women were not allowed on the sets so men did their job in disguise this is another important cultural aspect which must be made note of, women were not allowed any freedom which has changed when compared to the modern-day-era.

Cross-dressing was also an active practice this was how men dressed up like women and played their roles.   “ Shakespeare’ s plays were written for both these diverse audiences and the amphitheater-style of his playhouse. For example, a pictorial illusion was not practical on the Globe's stage; hence Shakespeare is free to quickly shift scenes from place to place so long as the dialogue helps define the location. ” (Drama) The paper highlighted some of the main cultural aspects seen in the great tragedy of Hamlet.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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